CFO as a Service

Our key people come with a 15-year experience in offering CFO as a Service to a diverse range of international clients. The entities we engage with have asset bases ranging from 5 million to 1 billion EUR. Our clientele consists of international structures that have established headquarters, registered their Intellectual Property, financed their global expansion plans and redomiciled (for tax, legal and operational reasons).

Through our services clients address issues related to place of effective management, economic substance and the economic reality of transactions. The groups we collaborate with operate across a spectrum of sectors, including financial services, investments, exporting goods, automotive, pharmaceuticals, real estate, technology, tourism, marketing and outsourcing.

Your Trusted Adviser by providing CFO as a Service:

  • Assist UBOs to find the appropriate vehicle to optimize benefits and coordinate with law firm to incorporate it seamlessly
  • Identify local Directors with appropriate and relevant expertise to satisfy management and control requirements
  • Help Directors find offices, open bank accounts, start operations and recruit based on personnel needs and wages
  • Perform Market Analysis and current and future P&L, BS Analysis including Ratios
  • Participate in board meetings, present financial results and assist in valuations for acquisition and growth
  • Keep a compliance report for Tax returns, Annual Returns, Financial Statements audit, Governmental fees, VAT returns and others