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Despite the economic crisis that we are experiencing, the Financial Services in Cyprus has proved to be a robust sector that is continuously growing and improving. Therefore, the demands of the sector and the competition have been increasing as well.
The aim of this programme is to provide the tools and knowledge that is needed for a professional to get a head-start in this competitive industry. It includes five areas of specialization: Risk Management, Portfolio Management, Compliance, Supervision, and Financial Reporting, Fund Structuring, and Analysis of FX and Binary Option Markets.
Risk Management deals first with the understanding of risks that firms are exposed and then learning the different techniques used to mitigate those risks. Portfolio Management examines the concepts of asset allocation, diversification, and the creation of diversified portfolios. Compliance, Supervision, and Financial Reporting deals with the understanding of the regulatory landscape in Cyprus and abroad and how this has changed in recent years. Fund Structuring deals with an understanding the global fund industry, the prospects for Cyprus, and the requirements for setting up such funds. Finally, the Analysis of FX and Binary Option Markets deals with the rapidly expanding local market, how it functions, the instruments traded, and its prospects.

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Certificate in Financial Services

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